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Mac OS X

I cannot turn off KeyMagic at login window

KeyMagic has no control of switching on/off input methods on Mac OS X.

This likely to be a bug of Mac OS X.

You can at least avoid this issue by selecting System Preferences > Users & Group > Login Options > Show Input menu in login window, but not always.

How to install keyboard layouts?

On Mac OS X, you can install keyboard layouts by copying km2 file into ~/.keymagic (Create directory if not exists)

KeyMagic keyboard menu is empty and KeyMagic won't work

In this case, you can kill KeyMagic process from Activity Monitor and try to type again.

I don't like notifications being shown up when I switch keyboards

Go to System Preferences > Notifications > KeyMagic. Set alert style to None.


I get runtime error when starting KeyMagic

This could be because of missing dependencies. Please refer to notes written at downloads page.